Someone with poor or undeveloped skills. Often mistakenly used to describe criminals (computer "hackers" broke into the mainframe).
By shooting 123 on the front nine, Julio proved to be a true "hacker" on the putt-putt course.
by Yul June 04, 2003
as wordgood as data-fast
your such an elite hacker
by helidude September 04, 2003
it means u stole someones acc... n in this case.... e-mail acc.
i'm a hacker. I hacked The Return of Light Joker's e-mail.
by The Return of Light Joker December 25, 2007
A person who knows much knowlege about some think.
"I am going to hack the soda can because I know that is made of aluminum and I know I have the force too.
by Executioner January 30, 2004
Something cs players blame when ppl whip their least thats what my friend says...
" Headshot "
by uranus November 23, 2003
Someone who plays jokes on some guy with his compu8ter ;p
i pwn you all and we don't t41/< 113/< th15
by mari0 August 18, 2003
there are 2 classifications of hacker. the first is one who is innocent in his/her actions - not really destroying computers, but rather just having an extreme interest in computers. the second kind is malicious and likes to attack poor, harmless computers.
1. he's a hacker cos he spends 28 hours a day on his box
2. man, a hacker just gave me a trojan so now he's got all my vital info
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
noobies who use programs to cheat on online games such as starcraft, counterstrike, warcraft, etc. etc.
"You hacker! i know ur hacking! leave before i call the admin! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
u wont get this quote unless youve seen the flash vid with it
by Totallybastos March 14, 2005

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