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People who just hate you for no reason, or just bored and decided to hate you for no reason. Typically a bully or someone you dislike.
Lets say you tell a joke and everyone but 1 kid thinks its funny. That kid is either not understanding the joke or he is a h8er.

An example of what that kid would say is: "Wow that joke sucked" or, "worst joke I have ever heard."
by jetpackboy14 September 02, 2009
Plural, Noun, "1337ized" version of the word haters. H8ers are people who "hate on" others bcaue they are insecure about themselves and try to make others feel as miserable as they do.
Don't mind thoes h8ers, they have been drinking to much h8er-aid.
by Todd Faux May 31, 2005
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