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In Celtic mythology, Gwyn or Gwynn ap Nudd was the ruler of Annwn (the underworld). He escorted the souls of the dead there, and led a pack of supernatural hounds, cwn annwn.

In the early Arthurian story Culhwch and Olwen, he abducted a maiden called Creddylad after she eloped with Gwythr ap Greidawl, Gwyn’s long-time rival. Gwyn and Gwythr’s fight, which began on May Day, represented the contest between summer and winter. He helped Culhwch hunt the boar Twrch Trwyth. In later legends Gwyn is king of the tylwyth teg
origins of the name Gwynne
by Graham Gwynne December 07, 2007
welsh, geek, habbo-thug. likes sheep.
A gwynne stole mi furn init, OMGZHI2U!
by cryinghabbochild March 22, 2004
Two of your friends that are always together, like sisters, but are pretty otay lil bitches.
J: Wanna do that thing at that place sometime?

Chaz: Nah I'm doing it wit da Gwynnes.

L: You seeing the Gwynne's tonight?

by Deville Dawg November 19, 2010
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