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movement one makes when giggling at the same time as wiggling, particularly applicable to 3 year olds, who generally wiggle most of the time.
"wow, look at Mimi gwiggle over there, she thinks that tv show is hilarious"
by mimimonster October 02, 2009
The word Gwiggle - originating from the improper fusion of both Giggle and wiggle. The term is used to describe the comical coupling of both giggling and wiggling your behind while laughing at an intensely funny joke.

Gwiggle just means to wiggle while giggling, just putting some motion in your body while giggling and having fun :)!
example 1:
Drolina: I totally found that guy hot yesterday, he just made my heart beat so fast.

Maulina: I bet he made other things beat harder too ;)
Drolina + maulina + tanlina: * gwiggling*

example 2:
Bobby: God, I am so bored.

Eddy: * shakes his lower half and giggles at the same time*

Bobby: What the hell is that?
Eddy: It's called a "Gwiggle"
Bobby: LOL...* attempts to Gwiggle*
by Gwiggle expert February 02, 2011
what happens when a fat person giggles, causeing the fat throughout the body to wiggle
also. can be a huge ass on a girl that when she walks it looks like shes wigglin it, causing you to giggle
man that dude was bout 400 lbs. when john told that joke, he started to gwiggle
by Todd Beaumont October 16, 2007
A word to describe the phenomena of a person's nose wiggling because of excessive giggling. Also can cause liquids to exit said person's nose, causing major burning sensations.
"I didn't mean to get my snot/crystal light all over your salad, but it was your fault for making me gwiggle!"
by Carmencita Urubamba June 24, 2009

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