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A flavored powder you add to water to make it taste splendid. Comes in a variety of flavors such as peach, lemonade, grapefruit, rasberry, etc... Most importantly makes a very fine alcoholic drink.
This peach crystal light really frolics with the vodka.
by pineapple mafia April 30, 2006
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white people kool-aid
Person 1: "Do you want a drink? I only have white people kool-aid"
Person 2: "I thought kool-aid was white people kool-aid"
Person 1: "Nope, Crystal light is white people kool-aid"
by B Chris August 31, 2006
Adjective used to describe something that is at once benign and profoundly uncool. It is neither greatly bad, nor greatly good; it is fluff, kind of gross, and appeals to very few. While available everywhere, you know no one who likes something that can be described as Crystal Light. See "Call Your Girlfriend" video by Robyn-- this video is Crystal Light.
"Hey did you see that new Robyn video?"

"No, is it good?"

"No, man she is weird. And the video is so freaking Crystal Light."


"I would go to your party, but I think it is going to be Crystal Light as hell and I don't want to waste my Saturday."
by Perky Later and Nut Meg April 11, 2012

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