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pirate term for a peon bitch that swabs below the deck and walks the captains plank.
ya har har show me how you clean, show me how to walk the plank my gween.
by kcantrell05 July 24, 2005
-noun Slang
1. a chubby, fat, or otherwise swollen vagina
2. vaginal fat in an overweight woman that causes swollen or puffy labia.
suzette's badonk looked dope through beer goggles, but once i was up in the chooch, it was straight up gween.
by jaezl March 26, 2007
(n) Green for people who cannot pronounce their "R's"
When I was a wittle child I wunned awound scweaming GWEEN.
by Banana April 15, 2005
A ganster or guido tween, A kid between the ages of 10 and 12 that dressed or acts in a way that is sterotypical ganster or guido in an effort to appear cool in their own mind.
I was gonna go to the movies but the theater is always full of gweens.
by venom16 July 15, 2010