A slight mustache that looks horrible but the person who has it is extremely proud of it. It is made of peach fuzz and is just hairy enough to look disgusting.
Phil's gweedo stache made me want to throw up.
by Pierre von Stoiben October 06, 2005
Top Definition
typically from new jersey, an italian who commonly uses way too much hair gel and has many homosexual tendancies, even though they pronounce themselves straight. commonly found in clubs and bars surrounded by gross easy chicks
"That fudgepacking gweedo is bout to get a foot up his ass."
by jon June 09, 2004
A misspelling of guido, which is a pejorative term applied to certain Italian-American males.
Guy 1: Joey Spagnola? He's a total gweedo.

Guy 2: Dude, it's spelled "guido".

Guy 1: Oh.
by joeySP January 10, 2009
A wigger that dresses like one of the Sopranos.
"Who's that guy in the track-suit with the greasy hair?"
"Some fuckin' gweedo!"
"Someone should tell 'em to lay off the cologne."
by twobitp December 21, 2006
the act of two people putting their buttholes together while having sexual intercourse and droppin a steamy pickle (Shit) in eachothers bung holes.
I was watching Full House all day and Bob Saget gave me the urge to have a sloppy gweedo session with my girlfriend.
by Ignacio Dumpington February 21, 2009
A Gweedo/Gweedette is a hardcore marijuana smoker from Denver, Colorado and/or other Areas. They are fans of local Denver rap group Chapter Black. They're often seen wearing orange clothes and bandanas.
Robert: "Whats goin' down GWEEDOS?, Lets go smoke some marijuana behind the church!"

Group of Gweedos: "Hell yeah!"
by Denver Native January 07, 2010
Someone who wears any brands simular to Abercrombie and fitch, hollister american eagle and aero postal. Gweedoes are often seen with spike tipped hair and ripped jeans.. somtimes even with the all dreadfull POPPED COLLAR.
Normal person: I hate Gweedoes
Jaco: Why? zzzzZZZZ
Normal Person: maybe because the wear broken clothes and make ramps out of the front part of thier hair.
Jaco: OO...
by Catious Pat... AKA JOHN January 27, 2008
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