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a man (not necessarily gay, but in most cases, yes) who dyes his hair blonde
Guy1: Did you see that guy over there?

Guy2: Yeah, he had GuyLights. So gay. (Assumption)
by the_realistic_numbers112 June 29, 2011
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Highlights in a man's hair that is wholly unattractive: generally an indicator of one's toolish nature. Look for a pompous air and cheesy smile. Guylights are perhaps a descendant of the late 90s tendency to bleach one's hair until it looked like a skunk had pissed on it.
Barbara: Suzy, what do you think of him over there?
Suzy: With the technicolor hair? I could never date a man with guylights, Barb.
by cjt03c December 24, 2007
a 2010 parody film of the popular Twilight franchise made by two high school seniors at Los Altos High. Unfortunately, the movie was never finished and the project considered a failure after everyone was totally stoked to see it. Basically imagine them canceling the next Batman movie...
Dude I'm so fucking bummed Guylight didn't get finished before the film festival.
by Gong Fu Shi February 24, 2011

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