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in dealing with smoking, the term gutting refers to the removal of tobacoo from a cigar, or "dutch", so that the rolling leaves of the cigar can be used to roll a marijuana cigarrette or another commonly refered to term, "blunt"
jimmy, please take this dutch over to the trash can and gut it so we can maybe roll us a cannibis treat!
by g rath March 09, 2008
17 23
Courage. synonym: Intestinal Fortitude
you don't have the guts for that
by Random832 December 19, 2003
346 88
Noun. the inside of a vagina; i.e. pussy
I called that bitch up, and she came over and gave me some skull and guts.
by DJ FoxPhyre March 25, 2003
312 212
The stomache,crap factory,etc..
by Alex July 19, 2003
164 84
Fucking a dirty hoodrat.
I just gutted narc's mom.
by Jeffy The Devastator January 18, 2009
132 60
The tobacco from the inside of a blunt/cigar after it has been cut open in order to refill it back up with some weed. They are thrown out once they are removed because they have no use because tobacco sucks and weed rules.
Hand me that trash can so i can throw out these guts.
by anon15432 March 26, 2007
135 78
the vaginal region of a woman
can a nigga get in them guts?
by k mizzle for izzle April 03, 2005
146 107
To fuck a girl so deeply (usually with a very long cock) that you bump up into her internal organs with your cock, causing much pain and discomfort for her, but a very interesting and enjoyable sensation for you!
"She screamed in agony as he gutted her with his throbbing 12" cock."
by peter north October 13, 2003
323 293