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A really stupid, ugly person
Omg that joe boy is such a gurple
by bumchin20 September 20, 2011
Green and Purple... two colors that should NOT be mixed, but are...
Man, that gurple car is so cool..
by Eorlingan July 21, 2003
a feeling; to more than like but less than love.
When you are not ready to tell your other half you love them say, "I gurple you."
by Danielle Weinstein April 02, 2008
A gherkin
1. Yum, these gurples taste great!

2. Can you please pass the gurples?
by Someone528 February 10, 2011
Marijuana that a dealer markets as true Purple Kush, however in reality it is actually a beaster strand with a few purple-ish leaves
1 Man, i drove all the way out there, only to find out it wasn't really PK, it was just some gurple!
by JoeSch84 April 16, 2007
The color of a nigger who is so black he's purple
"That schwoogie at 7-11 was so black he was gurple."
by Tallcan March 13, 2009