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Green and Purple... two colors that should NOT be mixed, but are...
Man, that gurple car is so cool..
by Eorlingan July 21, 2003
a feeling; to more than like but less than love.
When you are not ready to tell your other half you love them say, "I gurple you."
by Danielle Weinstein April 02, 2008
Marijuana that a dealer markets as true Purple Kush, however in reality it is actually a beaster strand with a few purple-ish leaves
1 Man, i drove all the way out there, only to find out it wasn't really PK, it was just some gurple!
by JoeSch84 April 16, 2007
The color of a nigger who is so black he's purple
"That schwoogie at 7-11 was so black he was gurple."
by Tallcan March 13, 2009
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