Ejaculation without masturbation. This Phenomenon is brought about only by a mega-hot girl. Like so hot, she melts your face off...
Oh snap, I gunked my pants.
by Fuck Buddy August 05, 2006
Goo} adhered to one's junk, often found upon the grundle or trapped between the nutsack and groin
After urinating, Bill found that he had smeared gunk on the front of his new black trousers.
by Phishn February 06, 2005
Goober and Punk combined
"Look at that gunk I bet he becomes a phaser in a nickel flip!"
by HateTouch December 09, 2007
A slang term for cosmetic make-up, especially if it is applied in a trashy manner.
Goddamn! That whore sure is wearing too much gunk, just look at her panda eyeliner.
by Bitch0rZ August 30, 2005
A psychedelic new genre of music combining grunge and punk.
Mikey: Turn that shit off bro!
Regis: Fuck you! This is some hardcore gunk shit.
Mikey: Oh really? I'm trippin' balls! Sorry bro, let me get you a beer.
by Ambassador-C May 18, 2008
gunk is a contrived word made by dick wad US teenagers who have never seen or heard goth music in their entire "sad misunderstood" lives.
Goth IS short for Gothic Punk, always was, way back in the late 70's early 80's, here in the land of all your better musical tastes, the UK.

Go listen to Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie & the Banshees or even The Damned. GOTHS!

"Oo! I am Gunk" that you may be, but you aint a goth!
by BrettS December 17, 2005
garbage and junk combined.
Asked my roommate to throw out the trash and get rid of all the gunk in the basement.
by gh-unk October 04, 2003

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