A guy funk. Used to describe a guy acting like a freak or a funk.
That gunk dumped me.
He's a total gunk.
That gunk is hitting on me.
by righz February 13, 2008
the white spit you get from mad cotton mouth. Like its all white, no water.
You look so thirsty from all that gunk in ur mouth.

Shes got gunk all over her mouth.

quit spitting out all that gunk you custy.
by custy1 September 18, 2006
Punk/emo/goth style.
John: -Hey, look at that emo!
Paul: - Its not an emo, its a gunk
by JulieTheRipper April 16, 2011
when you lift up your ballsack and drop it on an object or person
dude, i just totally gunked on codys head, it was gross.
by underpannies August 09, 2009
Aka Ball Cheese. When you don't shower or was your nuts for long periods of time you get gunk dirt and skin clods between your thighs and sack
person1:You see that fat cuy with the ICP shirt on?

person2: Yes,I bet he plays WoW and has Gunk.
by Nercule March 11, 2009
The polluted but never the less pretty body of water which runs through the SUNY New Paltz Campus. Was once the home to the of the famous Chuck the Duck.
Last night it seemed like a good idea to go skinny dipping in the gunk, but then in the morning we were glowing.
by New Paltzian July 10, 2008
A psychedelic new genre of music combining grunge and punk.
Mikey: Turn that shit off bro!
Regis: Fuck you! This is some hardcore gunk shit.
Mikey: Oh really? Sorry bro, let me get you a beer.
by Ambassador (cha) May 18, 2008

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