Top Definition
1. a gigantic, monolithic, gargantuan shit
2. a tall, lanky female who displays features of a horse (and may also speak in a monotone)
1.(girl with high pitched voicewalks into porta john): JEESUSS CHRIIISSTTT!!!
(Eric): hahahha, dude I just left the biggest gundling in that porta john.
2.(student one): I hate my history teacher!
(student 2): who do you have?
(one): Miss Stack.
(two): Oh yeah, she's such an ugly gundling.
by Dr. Dread June 05, 2010
a large poop or shit that is relatively short and fat in length and width
"AWWW!!!, why is there a gundling on the carpet!"

"damn, thts a gundling alright"
by dorsalfinn782 April 08, 2009
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