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A great place to tie up people, and hold them hostage, and rape them, and feed them crackers, and laugh at them.
Here, have a cracker! Ha, ha, ha!
by MagicDonJuan November 21, 2003
The place where your daughter sits and has sex with her boyfriend. They both listen close for your feet to go down the steps. And when you do, they scoot apart a foot or so you don't expect anything.
14 year old kid: "Dude, me and Mary were in her basement last night"
His friend: "Nice" *highfive*
by sexxisexxilexxi July 12, 2008
A great place to hide and rape your daughter for 24 years.
Also good for raising your children/grandchildren.
I think basement-dad is a pretty cool guy. eh's from Australia and doesn't afraid of anything.
by Slowkip May 21, 2008
An underground hang-out in Salem, Illinois, beginning in September of 2008 and ending the following December, where 10 to 40 visitors, or "Basement People", would meet everyday to engage in activities such as smoking marijuana, dancing, drinkin alcohol, buying/selling drugs, snorting drugs, having sex, raving, and gambling. It was busted on December 26, 2008 by officers after arresting two members on DUI and posession of cannabis after they left The Basement.
Dude we got really fucked up in The Basement the other day.
by horrorshowschippel November 06, 2009
Home of the elusive forty-year old man. Creepy old people hang out in their mother's basement and play online games, where they pretend they have familys and friends. Said old people often have no penis.
Oldman:Sorry guys, I have to go, wife aggro
John:Creepy faggot, go masterbate to beastiality
by apocalypse5 April 23, 2006
a small rave. can be illegal.
hay lets go to basement friday
by b-o-n-n-i-e November 07, 2005
Where all of the anthropologists live.
Prospective Student: What would you say a pro is to being in the Anthropology Department?

Student #1: Well...--

Student #2: We have a very nice basement!
by AnthroFox October 10, 2011

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