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An old slang term for a detective or investigator (police-affiliated or private). Variants include "dick" or "private dick," the connotations of which were not meant to be obscene.

Shoes in the late 1800s were made of gum rubber - the soft-soled precursors of the modern sneaker. The phrase "to gumshoe" meant to sneak around quietly as if wearing gumshoes.

"Gumshoe man" was originally slang for "thief," but by about 1908 the term "gumshoe" was used to refer to a police detective, and the term has stuck ever since (pun intended).
Sam Spade, the most well-known gumshoe of noir cinema, spent the majority of The Maltese Falcon trying to solve a murder mystery.
by Redhot in Chi-Town January 22, 2007
1. a rubber soled shoe or a rubber boot

2. a detective

3. a police officer

4. to walk stealthily

The gumshoe pulled up an put a gumshoe clad foot on the ground before the suspect fired a warning shot.
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2008
One who doesn't have much going too much going on upstairs.........
Did you see that gum shoe driving in the wrong direction?
by YA-KNOW March 10, 2008
a person who is a want-a-be detective. they will ask alot of dumb ass questions to use the info aginst you at a later date.
that kid was askin me where my dads car was last night around 3 in the morning. fuckin gum shoe.
by derek hardin June 29, 2006
In the past, it was once known as a detective or a slueth. Now a slueth has become known as a slut, hence gumshoe! They have the same meaning once again!
Look at that gumshoe in those white pants. What a skank, I bet she'd give it up to anyone that walked by.
by Skizurp June 10, 2003
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