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A person that speaks 'Telugu' is called a 'Gulti'. People that speak Telugu come from a state in South-India called Andhra Pradesh. The word Gulti is usually used by North Indians in the U.S to describe a person that speaks Telugu. People from Andhra Pradesh have dominated the fields of Engineering and Software Development in the U.S for over 12 years. They are considered to be the second richest group of Indians living in the U.S (First richest being Gujaratis). Most Gultis have engineering degrees (usually a Masters from an American university). Common Gulti names - Srinivas, Ramakrishna and Venkat.
"Srinivas Reddy is a Gulti"
"Ramakrishna Gudimetla is a Gulti"
by Public Enemy September 22, 2006
Several behavioral and linguistic studies have indicated a severe discordance between gultis and all other members of the Hominoidea superfamily under normal conditions (p-value < 0.0001). Hence, the more recent scientific theory suggest that gultis might have evolved differently from the rest of the humankind and might not have any common ancestors either.

TGB, or "typical gulti behavior", is usually associated with frauds in the US - from anything like taxes and fake resumes to employment visas and green cards. Gultis are considered largely responsible for bringing down the employment based immigration system in the US. They are usually found working in IT bodyshops in NJ on a job that is acquired through all unethical means possible, including fake resumes and fake experience.

A common practice in the gulti community is to mate with first cousins and other close relatives (quite often, potential mates could be uncles and neices), as a result of which, certain genetic disorders that are rare otherwise, are quite common amongst gultis. It is believed by many leading geneticists that the remarkably higher tendency of gultis to lie, cheat, and fake does indeed have a strong genetic link which is perpetuated by the remarkably higher tendency to form incestuous relationships.
yenna rascala.. gulti software programmara..
by sickofgults March 17, 2012
slang for 'Telugu' speaking people who come from Andhra Pradesh in India. Almost every second software consultant in New Jersey is 'gulti'. Known for their engineering skills they have established themselves as a rich community like gujus and punjabis.
1)gulti ppl love spicy food.
by elsanky May 10, 2006
Yes Gultis will speak in only Telugu just like Bhayyas will speak in only Hindi/Urdu
balls to you bhayya, I am gulti and I will speak in Telugu just like you speak Hindi
by indian1234s December 05, 2010
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