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A man with a seemingly endless supply of wit, charm and charisma. Typical Bhaskar's also exhibit excellent bone structure and sexual voracity. The Lakhani genus is the apex predator in the Bhaskar category
James Bond and Bruce Wayne's masculinity paled in comparison to Bhaskar Lakhani.
by poi-zn February 21, 2012
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Someone who is smart, intelligent, strong, caring, loving, emotional. Someone who is larger than life. Bhaskar would go out and rule the world one day. Bhaskar is a very devoted son and husband. A very hardworking man. A man who works hard to gain knowledge in life who does not follow success but success follows him. Bhaskar is although very unlucky man. He is passionate towards everything he does. He does not take "NO" for an answer. All in All Bhaskar is what they call a complete 'MAN' and a true HUMAN.
1.) In life everybody should try hard to gain the immense knowledge of BHASKAR.
2.) Live life like Bhaskar.
3.)Work hard to be like Bhaskar.
4.) Don't have a bad luck like Bhaskar
by iamsrk February 04, 2010

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