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Godliness personified.. A real humdinger!!! A Venkat is in every one of us... It is up to us to find out how to bring him out so that the world can be a better place for all humanity!! Amen brother!!
Have a break, Have a Venkat!!!
Venkat is soooooo SEXY!!!!!!
by David Sheppard December 09, 2003
Pimp, Playa, Gangsta
1. That venkats always stealing my girl
2. You see that venkat today with all them girls?
by VenkatM May 08, 2005
A person with the insatiable urge, dedication and determination to bite onto comments that other people make on that person.
That person I tagged in my note turned out to be a complete venkat
by whoishe March 02, 2009
1) HardCore
2) A antiRap Activist who has the ability to make killer rhymes to show the public that rap takes no fucking at all
3)very quick
dude that nigger tried to pop a cap in that venkats ass but venkat wus way to venkat for his black ass
by VKAT March 04, 2005
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