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(Hindi) Ass. Entire ass cheeks, including the asshole.
Teri Gand mar dunga/lunga !!! "I will screw you bad" "Meri tau gand lag gayi" I got screwed.
by Chutiyon ka Sardar January 16, 2004
slang for asshole
teri gand mar doonga....meaning I will fuck your ass

also, gand mar dena means i will screw you real bad
by dhurandhar July 05, 2003
ass with hole that is ready and tite to fuck, butt, bumb
"teri gand main keera" means my monster in you ass.
"teri gand maru" means i can fuck you ass.
by jassi gill July 06, 2006
To splat, To fail, Never win
I just gan'd and lost everything
by Donfather February 20, 2013
An idiotic drunkard, that enjoys playing World of Warcraft, and asking girls to "the dance" while under the influence.
Me: "Gretchko, keep drinking, this stuff is only 15%."
The Gand: "Really? It doesn't taste like it it though."
Me: "Trust me, this is like beer, just keep drinking."
The Gand: "Well... Okay."
Some time goes by...
Me: "Gretchko, have you had enough?"
The Gand:"Ugh... yeah..."
Me: "Oh, well heres your phone, I think you should call Amanda."
The Gand: "B..b..but why?"
Me: "Well, you've been talking about her all night, and you said you don't have a homecoming date. And it's coming up pretty soon."
The Gand: "OH SHIIIIT.... y... you're right! Guys... guys... don't record it this time..."
Me: "Why would we?"
The Gand: "You're right.. you guys are... the best."
Ring, ring.
Amanda: "Hello?"
The Gand: "Ummm.... Amandaaaaa? I was just.. just calling, to ask you to... the dance."
Amanda: "Andrew, it's 1 AM, I think you're a little drunk."
The Gand: "Noooooooo.... but that means... no..."
Amanda: "Call me back later? Bye."
The Gand: "But... guhhhh...."
by AaronA October 25, 2006
Gand= gay hand.

A gand tends to be a homosexual hand
Flick which a gay person subconciously
Does when speaking.
helen17494. says:
how smart am i...i've left all of my english books in my locker & i have a massive essay to finish D:
Le ZyRAWR!says:
*Gand flick*
by QUACK17494 October 15, 2008
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