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The word means good-looking or attractive, more so than an average person. Often used in british chav clture, along with those kids with their coat hoods up.
"Oi, look at dat boi with dat fit bod! He's chong!"
by louisa March 13, 2005
An exclamation of happiness or success.
Eureka! I got accepted into Harvard!
by louisa February 06, 2004
What New Yorkers say to each other in moments of exasperation/resignation.

(Pronunciation varies according to borough.)
Bloomberg and taxes? FOGEDDABODDIT!
by louisa November 03, 2003
definition: wicked, great, cool, fabulous, fantastic, excellent, really good.
Those trainers are gully. or, she's gully at dancing. or, ipod's are gully. or, jamiacan's are gully. or, hot weather is gully etc
by louisa March 13, 2005
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