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The look of sheer ecstacy on one's face while playing a guitar solo - usually triggered by a long, sustained note or bend. Looks very similar to the person's o face.
"Dude, check out Miles. He's having a guitargasm."

"I was playing a JEM through a Peavey JSX the other day. I almost had a guitargasm on the spot - didn't even have to take me out to dinner."
by emodot December 09, 2005
The expression of often orgasmical ecstacy shown whilst playing guitar. Most commonly used during shredding.
Fuck me james, that's one hell of a guitargasm u just pulled.
by Corey Martin January 15, 2007
1. having an orgasm while playing an incredle guitar; playing such a sweet guitar that your fingers feel so good, its almost sexual.

2.Becoming sexually aroused while listening and or watching someone shred on a guitar.
1.Dude i just bought jackson kelly and i think i also need a change of pants because i just had a guitargasm.

2. Dude i just saw Children Of Bodom live and Alexi Laiho gave me about 12 guitargasms.
by Drewcz21 January 31, 2009
When one experiences intense sexual pleasure from hearing intense riffage or soloage from a guitar god. Similar to a drumgasm.
I listened to Symphony of Destruction last night, and as soon as the solo came in I experienced an earth shattering guitargasm.
by Ellisniss MGP January 16, 2010
the feeling you get once you play a guitar that feels so right, that you just about cream your pants.
Man i was at Guitar Center and i picked up a Gibson Explorer with EMG 81-85 active pick ups. And i just about had a Guitargasm
by flipkid6222 April 03, 2010
playing Guitar Hero so well that you appear to orgasm upon completion of a song.
After five staring "Through the Fire and Flames" on expert Joe had a guitar-gasm
by phoenix2392 November 03, 2009
Name of a St.Louis band that started in the early 2000's and is renoun for showing their 'O' face while preforming
Dude, Did you see guitargasm? They all had guitargasms while playing
by Gman102 February 19, 2009
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