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1. having an orgasm while playing an incredle guitar; playing such a sweet guitar that your fingers feel so good, its almost sexual.

2.Becoming sexually aroused while listening and or watching someone shred on a guitar.
1.Dude i just bought jackson kelly and i think i also need a change of pants because i just had a guitargasm.

2. Dude i just saw Children Of Bodom live and Alexi Laiho gave me about 12 guitargasms.
by Drewcz21 January 31, 2009
One who slays with an axe, in this case an axe is a guitar. A guitar player that literally melts faces and makes babies cry while shredding on his guitar, a.k.a. an awesome guitar player.
Zakk Wylde is a guitarsonist, yeah he melts faces.
by Drewcz21 January 29, 2009
The act of taking opiates such as codine and heroin
after a good fuck with his drug queen, mike and laura started Opiating.
by Drewcz21 January 06, 2009

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