1. A small creature that children own as pets, usually called the name of their favorite condiment. Ex: Peanut butter, Mustard, Ketchup.

2. The name for a man that a younger girl is strangely attracted too. The man is older in this case.
1. Fanny Jo: I got a pet guinea pig!
Susan Mae: What's his name?
Fanny Jo: Mayonnaise!

2. Aly: Guinea Pigs is so hot today!
Madison: EWWWWWW!
Aly: What?!
by GuineaPigzLuvsAlyyyS March 09, 2010
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An animal cute enough to eat, unfortunatly when you do you have no more friend.
by joe c August 27, 2004
A guinea pig is a tube with a brain. Stuff goes into this tube at one end and comes out of the other. The purpose of the brain is to cause the tube to find more stuff to eat. Just underneath the brain, near the feet, is a squeaking muscle shaped like a kidney bean. If the brain thinks, even just for a second, that there is the remotest possibility of food, anywhere, within a fifty mile radius, then it sends a signal to the squeaking muscle, which then squeaks. Squeaks can also be elicited by tissues, your homework, feathers, and the rustling of plastic bags, all of which are incredibly delicious to the guinea pig.
I'm a guinea pig, big and chubby...what can I eat? Hay and pellets, fruits & veggies, Vitamin C!
by your dog March 30, 2008
guinea pigs are adorable rodents who are also known as cavies. they make great pets and are easy to look after. they are vegertarians and love to eat most fruit and vegetables. they also love fresh hay and grass.
my guinea pig loves to eat cucumber
by little miss shy May 19, 2007
n. Offensive term for a particularly unattractive woman of Italian ancestry. Orig.: guinea is an offensive term for Italians, and pig describes an ugly female.
I banged that guinea pig Gina last night, but I had to bag her first.
by SkidMarkyMark April 24, 2006
1. Someone or something that is used to test medicine or other products and procedures.

2. A small South American rodent that looks like a miniature capibara and is kept around the world as a pet. Also used as a food in its native range.
1. Fred is a guinea pig for a pharmeceudical company and gets paid for the testing.

2. One of the class animals in my biology class is a guinea pig.
by Steve December 14, 2004
The cutest little animal in the world. They have a chubby body and no tail and they can come in a variety of different colours. Eats most vegetables and some fruits. Guinea pigs love fresh hay and grass. Also called cavy
My guinea pigs are the cutest!
by S December 28, 2004
A cop that works for the mafia.
Sgt. O'Mally is a real Guinea Pig. I saw him down at the docks taking a bribe from one of the Don's goons, while they were unloading some Coke.
by Captain Kangaroo May 04, 2006
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