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A Joint laced with Crack. Term was made popular by west coast rapper. Considered to be the caviar of drugs.
Pass me that cavy.
by KMS Mob June 01, 2009
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a domesticated guinea pig, typically kept as a pet or for lab research. they are very sweet lil things, vegetarian, and make great pets. Originally from South America.
I didn't realize my cavy was pregnant when i adopted her, now i have a whole family running around.
by proud cavy owner November 13, 2013
Short for Cavaliers. The greatest drum corps ever and the reigning dci champion. Known for great strong music, sharp as hell marching and visuals to make you pee your pants.
That part was great but nothing matches the Cavies Fight Club sequence!
by dcifreak June 22, 2003
Commonly used street name for crack cocaine
Hey dude that chick had some kick ass cavy
by M.A.A. November 04, 2007

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