It's just a giant fucking hamster.
Guinea Pigs are just larger versions of hamsters.
by KillerFletch January 15, 2015
A slang term for a heavy set Italian man
Patrick: Louie Gambino is such a disgusting guinea pig. Every week he comes here, inhales 6 hoagies and drinks himself to sleep.

Connor: What a fat ass scumbag.
by Crackhead16 June 03, 2012
A large, unattractive Italian female
There's a ton of guinea pigs hanging around the Jersey Shore.
by Jelange222 July 28, 2014
animals that are fat, sweet, and soooo cute!!!!
I love guinea pigs!
by chicka3242 September 03, 2011
Any car exceeding the speed limit, whose speed you match with your car while maintaining a reasonable distance behind them. The idea is that the "Guinea Pig" will get caught in any Speed Trap up ahead, and you'll have time to react, slow down, and continue on your way.
I always look for a "Guinea Pig" when I have to drive through the city. It makes it so much easier to make good timing safely.
by Rawhide January 12, 2006
An Italian Cop
Al Pacino - "Hey, Brando, what do you call an Italian cop?

Marlon Brando - "Uh...I don't know."

Al Pacino - "A Guinea Pig."

Marlon Brando - "Hahaha...hey wait!"
by Hysteria462 December 05, 2009
a fat roden, that looks a bunny without the long ears. they make anoying squeek noises. they are drains for your money, the eat,they shit all over the place and kick there droppings,food and beldding out of there cages which wind up all over the place. they leave a big mess and require more attention then a dog and/or cat, and they eat more then a dog and cat put together.
if your thinking about geting a guinea pig as a pet because you think they might be more economical, think again, your better off geting a dog or cat
by baka kuso yaro April 04, 2011

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