Martian Slang, it is the equivalent of 'Duh' on Earth. It originated on Futurama, and is frequently said by Amy Wong
Steve: "Will Smith is black."
Bob: "Well, guh."

Fred: "The Earth is round."
Mary: "Guh!"
by Qwerty 42 July 17, 2013
guh- (verb?) : pronounced ARG-grrrrr-ah-*sigh* (but all at once) : meaning anger, frustration and unlove-ness or just the opposite of a HUG!
You, did what? GUH!!!
by Kage131 October 17, 2010
1) Interjection: used in a confused and/or aggravated state.
1) Guh! What was that..? Whoa... Where's my wallet?
by VbPeppermint November 12, 2007
when someone is embarrasedor when they say somethin wrong and you catch it.
From dat D.C.
You feelin guh!
Ahh you guh!
by D.C. stand up March 29, 2005
a 'guh' is the shorter wersion of the word 'girl'
'damn bud! dat guh ova dere got a cakey booty!
by camille[carmello]upchurch February 28, 2007
Not even remotely close to the fucktard above me. Guh is to be used when a person says something so idiotic, moronic, and just plain stupid that you do not with to use any brain power to reply and simply respond "guh"
by Nick November 10, 2002
A harsher form of "huh". Combines the phrases "what the f*ck?" with "what in the hell are you talking about?"
Guh? That is the most inane thing I have ever heard in my entire existance on this God foresaken planet!
by Bobby Bailey May 13, 2003

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