An acronym for the

Great Universal Harmony!
It is the love and appreciation of all the truth and beauty that surrounds us every day!

It's origin derived from the word HUG.
(GUH! is HUG spelled backwards)

GUH! is gaining more popularity with each passing day amoung many social media formats
Share in its positivity!
used as salutation or expression of gratitude .
as in... Love Peace and GUH!


Get your GUH! on!
Or if someone is obnoxious and vulgar to you, you may say," Please stop. You are putting a flat spot in my GUH!"
by The A.N.T Program December 11, 2015
a more ghetto way to say "girl"
Friend- "hey, whats up guh?"

Girl- "nothin' much."
by yomamabeotch July 14, 2011
The only possible verbal reaction after watching, reading, or hearing something emotionally intense. Often applies to song lyrics. Can apply to fanfiction, but only very good fanfiction; sexiness alone is not enough to illicit a true "guh."
She understands the character so perfectly that it's heartbreaking. Reading it, it's just...GUH.
by ArtemisRampant August 02, 2010
When you are speechless or annoyed. Commonly used in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
Teacher: You failed your test

You: guh.

Why would you do that! You gettin me guh.
by Teelovee October 24, 2011
generally un-happy
this homework assignment got me guh.

haha you got grounded? you guh as sh*t!
by MDsta October 18, 2011
Guh means that yu are blown or you have no respaonse to something crazy or weird that happened. For example if you saw a unicorn in the middle of the desert you wouldnt know what to do or say besides wat the fuck.
Haha she guh. Dat nigga dumped her like shyt.
by Shannonrocks January 23, 2010
when somebody is embarresed or when you say something wrong and they catch you they be look Ahh you guh!
1)Ahh you guh!
2)You feelin guh!
by D.C. stand up March 29, 2005

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