to be used in replacement of "uhhh"
well...guh...i was thinking, why dont we hook up later and have some fun.
by hampton December 27, 1999
the greatest word ever said
dan shapiro: sam sam could you pass the milk aha GUHHHH
by samsonnn May 22, 2007
The feminine of cuh, "cuh" meaning cuz or cousin, which is a guy; and "guh" meaning girl, which is, obviously a girl.
Andy: Hey! What are you up to, Guh?

Alison: Awh, not to much, Cuh, what about you?
by alison June 30, 2005
Can be used as a verb, noun and adjective to mean a "hot" chick...
ie: That chick is a real 'guh' (noun)
ie: Did ya see her? she's sooooo 'guh' (adjective)
ie: Emily is totally 'guhing' up the club tonight (verb)
by bottlenose August 28, 2006
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