crap, something of little use or value, junk.
Bri, your laptop is a load of guff mate!
by buffer78 June 26, 2009
guhff n. v. adj. ad. interj.

A derogatory term for a freshman, used exclusively by upperclassmen. However, the true idea behind the use of guff is to insult guffs in a way they can not hope to possibly comprehend!

This word can be used in almost any form!
Stupid guff get out of the way!
You guffing guff.
You just got guffed!
Stop being a guff. (As in acting like a guff)
by His Awesomeness Gefey February 11, 2010
A Name Used To call Someone Special :)
all the warsopians use it !
A sound person whos allways up for a laugh :D
Someone whos allways there for you when you need them most!
A Sound Person or someone who will help you out, ahh mann thats a guff :)
by KirstieBabes; June 13, 2009
n. 1. Free stuff 2. Food or other items that one no longer wants such as food or books

v. Guff it, to take something that does not belong to anyone
Put your leftover food on the guff table to share with others.
by ANS A2 September 23, 2004
A misogomy of gerulous verbosity
Forget all that guff about indolent behaviour.
by Hercolena Oliver October 29, 2008
we used to say it in school. a really stinky fart
"i ate so many beans i guffed myself unconscious"
talking crap
hey why you talking guff
by david January 21, 2004

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