When you go to a party, get super wasted, and find a hot chick to bang. however, you don't realize the "hot chick" last night, was your sister. buts it's ok because you used a rubber.
last night Travis went to a party and found a bomb ass chick who said her name was Stephanie. I can't wait til he realizes he guenther'ed his sister. She same Stephanie that is his sister. whom he has lived with his entire life, and who's bedroom is 4 feet from his.
by delivery boyy! February 03, 2010
a person or group of persons that experience unfortunate events due to the "force unknown".

the first born offspring of the blue spotted african llama.
Dude, today has been such a GUENTHER!


Your as ugly as a guenther.
by BryceBerryManne October 20, 2007

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