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A fart when a man wears a Speedo, causing the string to vibrate; just a Speedo fart.
Man wearing Speedo: Pzzzt.
Woman: ZOMG, he just gueefed.
by Rowie.W June 07, 2012
A dick fart, genital fart or male reproductive fart; Basiccally fart coming out of ur dick. if there is not cum, that means u are going to gueef, happens after sex usually.

Boy: wait, how about i just gueef on your face instead

Girl: sounds better than cum!
by Steven Meatwad Gump March 31, 2008
Gay version of a queef
I was banging a guy in the ass and he he gueefed on me.
by TabrisAugur April 05, 2008
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