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Gorgeous vixen, a bit of a rebel, badass. Creative and glamourous, all eyes are on her when she walks into a room. Has the ability to turn an old frock into fashion. Animal lover and literature enthusiast. Best friend, who knows the meaning of the word revenge. In one word...AMAZING.
"That girl's the next best thing to Angelina Jolie...she's gudi."
by Lyrehc May 19, 2008
stupid, worthless, loathsome, idiot
Tor moto ekta GUDI chele dekhini(in bengali)means I have never seen more STUPID boy like you.
by Kamkhoka June 16, 2008
very small/ minute in bengali, normally used in pairs as gudi gudi meaning very small
Eto GUDI GUDI lekha pora jai? (in bengali) means is it possible to read so MINUTE writings?
by Kamkhoka June 19, 2008

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