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Fucking in bengali
CHODACHUDI korte amar khub bhalo laage (in bengali) means it gives me immense pleasure to FUCK
by Kamkhoka June 19, 2008
very small/ minute in bengali, normally used in pairs as gudi gudi meaning very small
Eto GUDI GUDI lekha pora jai? (in bengali) means is it possible to read so MINUTE writings?
by Kamkhoka June 19, 2008
stupid, worthless, loathsome, idiot
Tor moto ekta GUDI chele dekhini(in bengali)means I have never seen more STUPID boy like you.
by Kamkhoka June 16, 2008
a very stupid person/ worthless/idiot/loathsome
satti tor moto eto CHUDI chele dekhini(in bengali) means I have never seen such a STUPID fellow anywhere.
by Kamkhoka June 16, 2008
woman/cheap woman in rural bengali
taka te kore kaam, MAAGI, moroder nam.(in rural bengali) means the fame for doing some work goes to man or WOMAN whereas the main player is money itself.
by Kamkhoka June 18, 2008
breast/nipple in slang bengali
meyetar CUCHI duto dekhechish(in bengali) means have you seen the BREASTS of that girl?
by Kamkhoka June 18, 2008
Breast in slang bengali
amaar MAI duto ager theke onek boro hoyeche (in bengali) means my BREASTS have increased much in size than what it was before.
by Kamkhoka June 19, 2008

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