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to dishonestly obtain goods or services with little or no intention of paying for them.

Also known as gubbing.
1) After sending goods for later payment, perhaps such as used motorcycle tyres (otherwise known as 'part worns) You would say to the receiver:

"you better not gubbs me, I need the money for my poor old sick and dying Granny"

2) If you were out of luck, or just a tight bastard, you could actively try to obtain goods for free. Such as part worn motorcycle tyres. In this instance you would say

"Oi Kev, fancy going out and doing a bit of Gubbing"
by Wreckless Rat May 08, 2007
To steal, rip off or promise something that you will not do.

You offer someone x amount of money for an item traded over the internet - yet never pay up.

Also known as gubbing.
Trader - "I have a great set of tyres for sale"

"buyer" - " I'll give you a pony for them, post them to me and i'll pay up at the end of the week when I get paid"

Trader sends items

"buyer" never sends the money.

Trader - "you c*nt, where's my money - you better not gubbs me!! (ie you better not rip me off)
by Yorick May 14, 2007
When you gaze out of the office window at a pretty girl walking past.
"Phwoar, look at the ass on that" is to gubb
by NobbyNeil July 26, 2007
a nazi who eats pizza all from a sheeps muff
by sulli October 14, 2003
plays with welsh sheeps and hits the mwit golf clubs while he has a piss
coolest dude alive
by sulli October 15, 2003
sheep shagger amd loves knocking files out of hands twat
by pj gibbons is cool October 14, 2003

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