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a good word to call people if they are stupid
hence the term you are such a guba tyrone

ste.n = ste-unit
by tyrone 1972 August 13, 2005
31 18
"Guba", noun, is the name of the gear, or outfit, you are wearing when you combine full SCUBA gear with Hockey Goalie gear. This outfit is commonly donned in the wake of an armageddon, while preparing for an Armageddon, while preparing for an apocalypse, upon receiving news of an oncoming apocalypse, or in worst cases, just as the apocalypse hits. This outfit is also known to be popular during non-apocalyptic times in various doomsday-prepper cliques, often considered a showing of prepping prowess by donning the uniform randomly and unexpectedly for no given reason.
Everyone get your GUBA gear on! The end is near! The apocalypse is coming!!!
by NotYourAverageLunch December 19, 2012
3 2
a girl whose real name is jamie but we call her guba because she is really hot and sexy. she also has a big vagina that is good for sticking my penis in. it is also very hairy. she has some humungous tits that i like to squeeze. guba is really sexy but she doesn't know it.
i want to fuck guba.
by Elise Small April 01, 2005
11 51