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Rapey, adj, a dark and scary place. Usually a place of vulnerability.
I was was scared walking home alone last night through that super rapey alley.
by NotYourAverageLunch January 15, 2013
San Diego Sandcastle, noun; When a couple goes down to the beach, makes love, and the man finishes by spraying his natural sand-glue on the lady's naked boobs. The couple then finishes by building two sandcastles, one per boob, with the boobs and sand-glue as a foundation.
Dude, last night that hooker slut Tori and I went down to the beach and I totally gave her a San Diego Sandcastle.
by NotYourAverageLunch January 15, 2013
Condicle, noun, a block of cubicles arranged towards each other in a group much like a condo unit.

Usually a block of four cubicles all sharing the same major area, but not limited to arrangements of four.
Oh, Ted? Yeah of course he is a friend of mine, we share the same condicle at work.
by NotYourAverageLunch January 15, 2013
"Guba", noun, is the name of the gear, or outfit, you are wearing when you combine full SCUBA gear with Hockey Goalie gear. This outfit is commonly donned in the wake of an armageddon, while preparing for an Armageddon, while preparing for an apocalypse, upon receiving news of an oncoming apocalypse, or in worst cases, just as the apocalypse hits. This outfit is also known to be popular during non-apocalyptic times in various doomsday-prepper cliques, often considered a showing of prepping prowess by donning the uniform randomly and unexpectedly for no given reason.
Everyone get your GUBA gear on! The end is near! The apocalypse is coming!!!
by NotYourAverageLunch December 19, 2012
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