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meaning how are you/ what's going on. a pathetic word for chavvy idiots who think that it's cool to speak a different language of their own .... IT IS NOT!!!
"war guarn bledrin"(said by the chav to his also chavvy 'bledrin')
"i is nuff good dan n i met dis gyal on sat n she wos peng innit dan" (idiotic chav to his idiotic chavvy friend)
by hotchick;) November 25, 2004
guarn is a commonly used alternative noun for a males love impliment. when the word, piece, is added on the end its also a handy insult for deserved types
ooh you complete tossbag you have just caught me on the guarn...
#dick #cock #pen15 #willy #knob #love truncheon
by el sasquerino August 20, 2008
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