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Something that is so freaking fly and fresh. If someone's singing sounds like Jesus and Fergy mixed together, their voice is Guac. When you want to describe something as the most amazing, on fleek, dope ass, gucci thing ever just use the word instead of trying to explain how flipping legendary the said thing is. In other words Guac is the new "dope" for you older users.
Person one: "Damn! That is the most delicious, gucci, awesome, beautiful, amazing, exhilarating, dope ass, on fleek steak I have ever tasted! It was a legendary slab of heaven! I had an out of body extra terrestrial experience just from eating it! Wow!"
Person 2: "So you mean it was Guac?"
Person 1: "Guac af man. Guac af."
by gabedown March 12, 2015
money, dollars, greenbacks, benjamins
We spent alot of guac on these video
by Sheist Bub February 20, 2004
Another term for weed. This is due to the fact that weed looks a lot like guacamole, especially when you are high.
Dale's Mother: "Where were you last night Dale?"
Dale: "I was puffing mad guac with the crew..."
Dale's Mother: "I have no idea what that means."
by TheRealMC August 10, 2015
A cool abbreviation for guacamole
Richard: You don't love the Guac?!?!
Nani: Nah, I don't like the way it feels in my mouth
by guacamole lova November 28, 2011
A 'guac' can be found in a trendy environment sporting 2+ golf shirts over one another with popped collars. Occasionally, guac's can be spotted wearing toque's in 100 degree weather coupled with shutter shades and a spray on tan.
Look at that fuckin' guac over there standing beside his Honda Civic.
by myagi March 09, 2011
Used to describe a trick ass hoe.
your girlfriend, your mom, your grandma
by matt December 28, 2004
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