Ugly, Nasty
That bitch is guac as fuck
by Bigrevcole May 13, 2003
(n.) Female ejaculate (use "man-guac" for males)
(v.) To ejaculate as a female.
"There was guac ALL OVER the place." "She's not much of a guacer, unfortunately."
by tystick September 12, 2007
To ejaculate in someone's face after a hearty round of anal sex.
Dude, Janet and I were having an awesome round of butt lovin' and I totally guaced on her!
by jwardle06 December 24, 2006
pronounced gwok-The grease-like substance that forms between the scrotum and anus during high physical activity or intense situations.
I've got swampass so bad that guac is dripping down my loins.
by Jay Dub September 14, 2005
To force one cock down anothers throat with furious anger and acute targeting of the tonsil to induce mass gagging, vomiting and the always inevitable "GUAC". The person/persons recieving the "GUAC" will often elect to be killed afterwards.
Yo I was babysitting John sister and I totally made that bitch guac on my cock

Dude shut the fuck up or I wont let my mom guac you

Hey nigger wanna make a penny? Come here and give me a good guac
by John mC nigitire October 30, 2006
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