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Used to describe a trick ass hoe.
your girlfriend, your mom, your grandma
by matt December 28, 2004
6 70
To force one cock down anothers throat with furious anger and acute targeting of the tonsil to induce mass gagging, vomiting and the always inevitable "GUAC". The person/persons recieving the "GUAC" will often elect to be killed afterwards.
Yo I was babysitting John sister and I totally made that bitch guac on my cock

Dude shut the fuck up or I wont let my mom guac you

Hey nigger wanna make a penny? Come here and give me a good guac
by John mC nigitire October 30, 2006
22 88
Ugly, Nasty
That bitch is guac as fuck
by Bigrevcole May 13, 2003
23 89