Top Definition
Gun Shot Wound. Paperwork acronym.
1 WM, in BMW, 3 GSW, DOA.
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
gun shot wound for short. known to have been used as an acronym since the civil war era
GSW amputated left arm, return to duty
by dave March 28, 2005
1. Gun Shot Wound

2. Golden State Warriors
1. That nigga gave me a GSW

2. Tonight's Game: GSW vs. LAL
by strategix February 06, 2009
An acronym meaning "Gun Shot Wound" used by dumbass writers of television medical dramas who don't stop to think that Gee-ess-duh-bul-eww has five syllables, while Gun-Shot-Wound only has three.
by hound dawg June 17, 2003
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