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Gun Shot Wound. Paperwork acronym.
1 WM, in BMW, 3 GSW, DOA.
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
1.Out of service.
2.Callous term for a deceased person.
Not to be used in front of the next of kin.
'Dispatch, we've got one victim, multiple GSW, he's ten-seven.'
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
An otherwise undefined life-ending
'Dispatch, this guy's ten-seven.
a severe case of acute adiosis.
We need a wagon...code one.
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
No lights, no siren. Non-emergency call.(not all departments)
'Unit three alpha, proceed code one to
123 Fake street, noise complaint.'
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004
Title character, 60's TV western.
AKA 'Have Gun, Will Travel'.
Have gun, will travel reads the card of
a man
A knight without armor in a savage land.
His fast gun for hire heeds the calling wind
A soldier of fortune is a man called
by ArmyCop June 04, 2004

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