green onion
Don't forget to the grunions and bacon bits on my baked potato!
by goldmund September 28, 2012
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A little bit of something, the last parts of a whole, almost gone.
Sabrina "hey Nusun you got any herb?"
Nusun " yeah but i am down to the grunions, just flakes and thc."
sabrina" damn"
by xylena June 26, 2006
the bag of chips were already eaten, but i will go ahead and finish the grunions on the bottom of the bag
by sexy redhead March 27, 2007
a dirty, stinky indivdual, usually female, with several disgusting habits.
My coworker is such a grunion, she smells like B.O., her hair is so nappy, and she clears her throat every thirty seconds.
by Rcobbs13 February 06, 2006
a miniscule amount of a substance (usually marijuana) which is usually bummed from a friend or not obtained at all.
" C'mon Bro , You dont even have a grunion to spot me ?
by Santiago Slim January 18, 2012
Usually a fat male, resembling a greasy onion.

Characteristics of a grunion:
- always sweaty
- red in the face
- unpleasant to the touch
- lacks self awareness
Guy 1: Conor you're such a fucking grunion

Guy 2: Nah m8

Guy 1: Lose some weight before you hug me, man
by grunnery4eva January 24, 2014
1. Colloquial term for the (mercifully) mostly defunct Grand Union grocery chain.
2. Dick cheese.
You are apt to find some grunion (2) in the Wisconsin aisle of the Grunion (1).
by vmx October 21, 2008

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