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A MC who sucks in every way but still says they are an MC. An uncreative or mind numbingly stupid rapper.
Dude that production is mad sic but the fool trying to rhyme over it is a wack MC. He is not even on beat.
by xylena June 23, 2006
To watch for and phtograph graffiti on trains. Derived from NYC subway graffiti culture, writers would sit on a bench and watch the painted up trains go by.
Fred: "hey pablo, what are you doing this weekend?"
Pablo: " I think that I am going to the train yard to bench.".
Fred "Word mang thats whats up, keep an eye out for my stuff"
by xylena June 23, 2006
to sneak about in a deserted or dark shadowy place such as alleyways and riverbeds.
Did you see that crackhead lurking around the neighborhood?
by xylena June 22, 2006
Elated in a religious fashion mostly found in born again christians and recovering alchoholics. Constantly preaching christian values and quoting the bible.
Your mom is so high on jesus I can't stand it.
by xylena June 22, 2006
A little bit of something, the last parts of a whole, almost gone.
Sabrina "hey Nusun you got any herb?"
Nusun " yeah but i am down to the grunions, just flakes and thc."
sabrina" damn"
by xylena June 26, 2006
When an unassociated graffiti writer paints or "gets up" in an area that is mostly painted by another crew.
That wack ass toy crew has been spot jocking every rooftop i hit.
by xylena June 23, 2006
A girl who dates or fucks only guys associated with the five elements of hip hop - emceeing, dj/turntableism, breakdancers, graffiti artists or beatboxers and does not take part in any of the elements at all.
Damn you know that chick Stephanie? She is the biggest hip hop ho bag I have ever met. She goes from writer to emcee to dj to beakdancer and back again. It is like she has a scheduled rotation or something.
by xylena June 23, 2006
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