a grunger is usually a teenager that listens to grunge music such as nirvana,and wears dark hoodys and jeans and it is common for them 2 hav long hair , they are also usually stoners that r up for a laf but not always, they always hate townies who TRY 2 beat them up for no apparent reason as they will start on anything that moves. their music is great and townies suck cos thy r a bunch of non fashionable rejects.
by chris February 02, 2004
Someone who enjoy's grunge music Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains etc Most dress like said bands. A stereotypical grunger would have greasy long hair, wear random cheap scruffy tees or band tees, ripped jeans or ripped cut-offs, converse chuck taylors, converse one stars or some cheap training shoes. Grungers are not people who have lip piercings, listen to Sum41 and Avril Lavigne and skate. Some famous grungers Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, (young)Daniel Johns etc.
Jay - "Yo, check outthat kid over there with the greasy hair and scruffy clothes."
Kevin - "What a grunger"
Grunger - "I wanna be Kurt Cobain, PSYCHE!"
Ps; if you think that last part was serious go look up the word psyche.
by Aleeeex May 12, 2006
A person who listens to Gunge music, this style of music started in around 1988 and originated in Seatle. common icons of Grunge music include Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Alice n Chains , Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. Grungers mostley act in a kind and laid back way, not careing about much. They also often feel the world is run by the media and that its not what you achive thats important but how you achive it. Grungers generaly wear any clothes that are comfortable but some common styles include unbrannded clothes, ripped jeans, flannle shirts and baggy jumpers, although, clothes are unimportant to most Grungers and they often say that yuo shouldn't follow trends because it makes you more boreing.
'Look at that guy, why is he dressed like that? and why does he listen to that music?'

'he's a Grunger'
by WEckersley September 11, 2008
Usually considered a mix of a hippy and a punk. Chilled out guys and girls who listen to grunge: nirvana, soundgarden, hole, mudhoney, pearl jam, stone temple pilots and other Seattle based Sun-Pop bands and also alternative rock and indie: smashing pumpkins, sonic youth etc. Usually wears thrift shop clothing or hand-me-downs. Normally creative and well educated(which is why they live an alternative lifestyle) and usually friendly types =P
um just gave loads ^^^^ of grungers
by Leo the rabbi of rock July 07, 2006
A group of people who listen to great music but are under the mistaken belief that they dress in a unique manner, when actually they look the same as the other 2 million or so other grungers who all believe themselves 'different' also.

Wearing jeans that are so long they collect water from the puddles and soak to the knees is NOT cool, I don't think Kurt Cobain ever did it either.
Chav1: Look at da grungers ova dere, HEY GRUNGA!

Chav2: Hes cumin ova, HEY GREASY!

Chav1: Haw Haw, Lets nock him out.

Chav2: Haw Haw, yer, lets....OOF.

Chav1: Hey u fuckin...OOF.

Grunger: Eat my shit you human refuse.

Chav1 and 2 lie unconcious on the floor.
by Simjimbimalim August 04, 2006
A grunger is someone who wears what they want because they like it (not because they're friends do) and because it's comfortable. They usually like rock, metal, pop-punk etc, but thats not strictly necessary. Despise cacker a.k.a. chavs because they are scum of society and need to be deleted quite honestly. Only resort to violence if absolutely necessary to be honest. They have a great time and don't care what anyone thinks!! Oh, and if they have BB guns, they will shoot chavs.
Hey, look at the size of that imbiciles earrings. He he he, fucking chavs. Wow look, a guns n' roses T shirt!
by Gracey May 04, 2004
someone who doesnt give a fuck what people think
usually reject mainstream society and going with the crowd
love to be different/minority
look grungy/like they havent showered in days
usually stoner/act like stoner
prep-dude you want to watch MTV
grunger-nah dude that shit is facist organization trying to brainwash the youth lets go sit in my basement and watch (some 90s stoner show)
by MrHardRock March 22, 2009
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