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Of Rock: Grunge.
A Rocker who listens to the sub-genre of Rock 'N' Roll known as Grunge.
I listen to Grunge, therefore I'm a Grunger.
by Beadle September 26, 2003
A shoe that has lost it's SOLE mate, ha ha. A disgarded lonely shoe, that can be seen on any street across the nation, symbol of disposible society.
You know, there’s a lot of things wrong with the world, famine, war, slavery, rape,
abuse, drugs, the list goes on. But let’s not talk about them; let’s talk about the serious
stuff. For instance, The One Shoe.
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Used to denote an innuendo.
Lisa: I always come in and out.

Tom: Kneealp!
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Also know as THE shame, when something is shamefull.
Oats: Lisa's not coming to your house now 'cause Dan's got borbons at he's.

by Beadle September 29, 2003
Ask Daniel I don't even know.
Martin: Footsteps! Do you, hear, foot, steps?

Josh: A bit like a chimp?

Martin: No, more like a hamster.

Josh: What, like a turbo hamster?
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Time created by four scientists who plot at that observatory in Greenwich, and they’re all kinda like “The Old Gits” offa Harry Enfield, all running around rubbing their hands together. They’re so mean, they think…Hmm, what can we do to really piss people off? I know, we’ll change time! Yes! Twice a year. In the summer, we’ll put all the clocks forward! That’ll really fuck things up! People’ll arrive late for meetings and work! And trains’ll be delayed, ‘cause the drivers’ll forget
t’get up. Ha ha what fun! And ‘cause we’re mean, we’ll give them an extra hour! And they’ll all get up an hour early! And realise they could of had another hours kip! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa haaaaa haaa haaa haaa!
Those guys at Greenwich are so mean.
by Beadle September 29, 2003
Measurement of time created by SWATCH. 1000 beats in a day, metric time.
Josh: How many beats is it man?

Martin: De beats char! It’s saying eight six five, it’s fucked; it’s out of sync or something.
by Beadle September 29, 2003
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