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a grunger is not someone hu is depressed or pissed off with the world. some of my m8s r grungers and they are the funniest people and most friendlyest people i know.
all grungers are, are people hu dress in what feels comfortable and dont follow fasion because they dont like it i h8 when u walk down the high street ( being a grunger myself ) and you get some townie takin the piss out of ya because they dont like how u dress to tell u the truth i dont like how u dress but i dnt take the piss out of dem and its them who are pissed of with everyone not grungers
townie - look at that grunger filthy pikey
grunger - (grunger hears this remark) dont know why you callin me pikey when u look like that
townie - (ignores remark because... well truth hurts)
by lynyrd skynyrd fan June 22, 2007
Grungers do not really care what they wear. They think chavs are the lowest of the low, and that townies should be shot.
They are usually quite good-hearted, easy-going, happy people who don't spend much money on clothes.
They usually have a good register of language and they are often quite knowledgeable or clever.
Idiot: You're stupid.
Grunger: Is that so? Oh well.
Idiot: You're f*cked up and freaky.
Grunger: Ok then.
*Listens to music and ignores idiot*
by Steel Maiden April 10, 2007
Grunger can be a couple different things, they could also be called rocker,mosher,and even somtimes stoner...if ur like uber mellowed out, but im going to use the one for my school. A grunger is someone who dosnt follow the crowd, and dont give a rats ass what people think about them. They might dress dirty or unclean. Might wear ripped or baggy jeans, and chains, and a band shirt. Maybe even some flannel. their hair might be greasy and long and messy. grungers like to rokc out in mosh pits, and some grunge bands like to go all out, like break stuff and jump into the pits, basically they like to rock. but outside them, grungers are typically melow people who dont like to fight much. certain ones often mumble and speak unclearly or in a distorted voice. i myself am a grunger. i pretty much do everything one here. now this might not be right as a definition, but then again. its the one we use in my school, so before u even say, "dude ur all rong, this is bull shit, ur a f**king idiot", remember, ITS MY F**KING DEFINITION U DOUCHE!!!!!
Kurt Cobain (father of grunge)

That kid looks like a grunger, hes really unclean and dirty.
by istivyx July 17, 2006
beacuse they dont have an image to keep.. its all just baggy and old. not nessacarly smelly or nasty just comfortable,A common misconception is that they skate, listen to slipknot and like to cut themselfs.they dispises townies and are commonly seen in small groups. usuall called mosher crews by townies
mosher~1- uhh huuu .. what?.. i uno.
mosher~2 uhh, maby..
by Beautifully_Corrupt April 11, 2004
Grunger, by loose definition, is anyone a teen-aged to adult-aged person whose taste in music, clothing, styles, hobbies, and whose overall upbringing have caused them to dislike the townies of their high school. Grungers usually inhabit small, poor towns, and aren't always found in great numbers. Their hallmark is formed by such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and several modern "grunge" bands, such as Creed. Grungers mostly wear flannels, blue jeans (although not necessarily with tears or rips), and perhaps workboots. Popular hair trends are long hair, burred hair, sometimes bleached hair, but never any spikes.
Kurt Cobaine is the prime example of a Grunger.
by Brett December 22, 2003
a grunger is a kool person, who listens to good music and wears clothes clothes that arent 4 sizes too small.Townies however wear clothes that have gay logos on them sayin princess or cute, even though i have never heard of a princess who smokes like a chimey, and says 'arigh' or 'innit'. Grungers dont need to impress people, and are all individuals, unlike townies who look like clones of each other, grungers arent tramps or dirty just because their clothes arent pink or blue. point made.
townie 1: arigh'
townie: arigh'
by townie hater November 20, 2003
A person who listens to grunge music. See also mosher, rocker, head banger. The style is influenced by grungers such as Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder. I myself am a grunger. But I cut off my hair recently, can't wait till' it grows back. Anyway, a few examples of grunge bands are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Collective Soul(in the early years), Smashing Pumpkins, and quite a few others that I can't think of now. Grungers can be exlusive but are typicaly friends with anyone who accepts them. Chavs, do not like grungers. Grunger, don't give a flying rat's ass.
Chav 1- Oi i gunger innit!!
Chav 2- stupid grunger he aintz gotz nah blingy ha
Grunger- *walks by not giving a damn*
by kel8675309 September 16, 2006