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You have to listen to the basics:
-Alice in Chains
-Smashing Pumpkins
-Stone Temple Pilots

But you should also listen to at least 5 of the following:
-Hole/Courtney Love
-Butthole Surfers
-Screaming Trees
-Babes in Toyland
-The Jesus Lizard
-Bikini Kill
-Urge Overkill
-Black Flag
-The Breeders
-Sonic Youth
-Scratch Acid
There is more to grungers then ripped jeans and Nirvana
by kapsie May 18, 2006
The mortal enemy of the Scobe. Like the scobe, can generally be seen wearing a hoody. Except that instead of Nike, Addidas or some stupid rapper, it will advertise Kurt Cobain, or some metal band. Generally wearing baggy pants and long hair that always needs a wash, they do share one interest with the scobe. Hash.

Most grungers become grungers because they claim to not wish to conform to trends. However, in doing so the grungers themselves have become conformists. The only basic difference is the type of music they listen to.
The grungers were hanging around asking for skins.
by Snake January 10, 2006
One thing. "rape me" is not a metal song. Its a nirvana song, therefore it is grunge. Secondly, please don't get grunge confused with goth. Grungers don't care about individuality, they just DON'T CARE! And it is very rich coming from a rap fan, you must have missed a few crucial lessons on individuality. I would just like to say one thing in the defense of all rockers, i have never had any trouble from anyone NOT wearing sports clothes (aka townies/chavs/scallies/wotever). I rest my case.
Rap sucks, i mean, theres no talent, anyone can get up and do it! Unless they're Busted in which case they can't talk because i've already ripped out their vocal chords. mwahaha
by Altu mequera orcu March 27, 2005
Grunge :- some one who wears comftable clothing usually baggy jeans and a baggy hoody/sweatshirt and sk8 trainers etc vans, duffs. has a very chilled out perception of the world and taeks life as it comes
some one who listens to the likes of nirvana or soundgarded
by gareth January 12, 2005
a grunger is usually a teenager that listens to grunge music such as nirvana,and wears dark hoodys and jeans and it is common for them 2 hav long hair , they are also usually stoners that r up for a laf but not always, they always hate townies who TRY 2 beat them up for no apparent reason as they will start on anything that moves. their music is great and townies suck cos thy r a bunch of non fashionable rejects.
by chris February 02, 2004
the most amazing "race" of youth that exists. (where im from townies call us a "species") they have the best dress sense and like plastic jewelerry over stupid cheap "gold" (*snort* yeah right)
i was kicked on the face by so wardner's platfroms! wooooooowwwww! i am a happy dude/ dudess
by Loz January 10, 2004
lawl its like ppl who hav long hair n wear ripped jeans n r depressed n stuffz lawl oh yea and they listen 2 nirvana n dress like kurt cobain yeah they like this and they dress like that lawl
But seriously...
Anyone can have long hair, everyone wears fucking ripped jeans and everyone gets depressed sometimes. What someone wears, looks like and how they act has NOTHING to do with what kind of music they listen to. There's no fucking dress code for liking a certain form of music; there are no rules and or requirements. Grunge is a genre of music, and that is all.
kid who labels themself a 'grunger':"i just bought a flannel shirt, some ripped jeans and a nirvana CD yay ima grunger"
by Esporc December 20, 2006