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A Nigerian princess that holds the worlds most valuable jewel..."Rotunda"
That girl is frontin' just tryin to be like Chidera
by Gracey March 24, 2005
A grunger is someone who wears what they want because they like it (not because they're friends do) and because it's comfortable. They usually like rock, metal, pop-punk etc, but thats not strictly necessary. Despise cacker a.k.a. chavs because they are scum of society and need to be deleted quite honestly. Only resort to violence if absolutely necessary to be honest. They have a great time and don't care what anyone thinks!! Oh, and if they have BB guns, they will shoot chavs.
Hey, look at the size of that imbiciles earrings. He he he, fucking chavs. Wow look, a guns n' roses T shirt!
by Gracey May 04, 2004

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