NOT somebody who likes Avril Lavigne.
--Two random townie girls were randomly walking in a random park one random day--
Shiniqua: So..what are we doing here?
Nicky: Having a fag, innit?
Shiniqua: But you're pregnant babes.
Nicky: Really?
Shiniqua: yep.
Nicky: How bloody stereotypical
Shiniqua: That's..kinda the point
Nicky: Oh, right then
*out of nowhere Avril Lavigne appears*
Avril Lavigne: Mwhahaha
Nicky: A- grunger?
Shiniqua: *hyperventilates* she's wearing black!!!
Nicky: Noooo *faints even though she's a hard townie, innit*
Avril Lavigne: Boo?
Shiniqua: Ahhh. *faints on top of Nicky*
-Random townie male jumps out of bush-
Kev: Wickkked! Its Nicky! And Shiniqua! On top of each other!
Avril Lavigne: *blinks* helllooo? You're like totally meant to be like scared of me, cos I'm like totally different!
Kev: Oh. Right then. *melts into a puddle of scaredness*
Avril Lavigne: BWHAHAHA everybody fears meh! {yes, meh}
*Grunger skates {its MEANT to be stereotypical damnit!} on the scene, listenign to music*
Avril Lavigne: Yo! Sk8r Boi! Fear meh!
Grunger: ...
Avril Lavigne: TOWNIE! You're not listening to my music and I am so puNK rAwK!!11 You can't be grunge and NOT listen to my music.
Grunger: ... You know you're not really.
Avril Lavgine: I AM! Look I can skate and EVERYBODY who is grunge skates!
Grunger: *rolls eyes*
Avril: *grabs skateboard*
*attempts to skate*
*topples off*
Grunger: Whoops. Oh well. *leaves*
--A whole bunch of ten year olds with blunt studs from Claire's Accessories and wearing t-shirts saying "punk" in pink glittery letters come mourn.--
(Lol enjoy the story?)
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
Grunger is a common slang term given to anybody related to the alternate scene. It originated around the late 80s to mid 90s grunge scene. Started by bands like Alice in chans, The Melvins and Nirvana. The word grunge was first used by a critic trying to describe the rawness of the sound these bands created. It somehow stuck, and over the years was transformed into the steriotype of grunger.
He's a grunger. He wears grunger clothes.
by Andrew February 15, 2005
Grunger, by loose definition, is anyone a teen-aged to adult-aged person whose taste in music, clothing, styles, hobbies, and whose overall upbringing have caused them to dislike the townies of their high school. Grungers usually inhabit small, poor towns, and aren't always found in great numbers. Their hallmark is formed by such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and several modern "grunge" bands, such as Creed. Grungers mostly wear flannels, blue jeans (although not necessarily with tears or rips), and perhaps workboots. Popular hair trends are long hair, burred hair, sometimes bleached hair, but never any spikes.
Kurt Cobaine is the prime example of a Grunger.
by Brett December 22, 2003
A Grunger is a person who hates superficiality and dont care what he or she is look/smelling like. A peson who stands up and asks him-/herself which Ripped baggy Jeans would look good with the ripped red-black stiped pullover is not a Grunger. Also he or she listen to Grunge music (not just Nirvana) and something like this.
in the moning:
psoydo Grunger: (comes out of the shower) "hm which ripped baggy Jeans would look good with the new Nirvana t-shirt, the one from Miss Sixty, which cost 120$, or the one from D&G, which cost 1500$?"
by collective question mark November 25, 2007
dunno don't care as i'm a metalhead nd ouv metal just pointin out that a new wave of townies r out called chavs this is a term that exists in the south-east of england nd is spreadin. also grungers nd emo-rockers r now fightin alot but the thing is that everyone else to a chav is a grunger, if ur a goth, metalhead, skater, emo, or a punk they just call u a grunger leadin to u havin 2 beat so sence into they small brains
dunno but i can bring in the brain of a chav to see what they think when it is finnaly found
by trampish metalhead April 10, 2005
Of Rock: Grunge.
A Rocker who listens to the sub-genre of Rock 'N' Roll known as Grunge.
I listen to Grunge, therefore I'm a Grunger.
by Beadle September 26, 2003
a grunger is a person who usually wears:tarten shirts
old looking or ripped jeans
longish un dyed hair
Listens to: nirvana
sonic youth
pearl jam
smashing pumpkins
and other similar indie

A grunger is not somone who wears hoodies chains and listens to slipknot.
i am a grunger i do all of the above
by the generation x will return April 05, 2005
A word people with low intelligence use as they can not think of a better insult (apart from your mum of course).

Simply a grunger is someone who is themself and dosn't follow by others to make themself look 'cooler' or 'harder'
Person with IQ of about 2 - Oh look that kid has a skateboard, stupid grunger
by Mark Robinson June 18, 2004
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